Born in the so-called "Sunny corner of Switzerland", Alpha-Dog has always been involved with EDM, since the dawn of time. At the age of 10 he gets introduced to EDM through a local radio station, and at 13 he owns his first CD player and his first single, today seen as a classic of EDM "Children" by Robert Miles.

From that moment on, Trance music becomes a passion, almost an obssession. With the great years of the german Trance music, he grows up with the harder side of this brilliant sound, but eventually gets interested and evolves together with the new sounds developed by influential artists of the likes of Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and later by Above & Beyond on their Anjunabeats label. As this branch of Trance music slowly changes to become deeper and slower, Alpha-Dog interest shifts back to its more uplifting and techier sides. Nowadays, the melodies, grooves and vibes of Uplifting Trance and Tech-Trance are what catch most of his attention, although Psy-Trance sounds hide a special flavour by which Alpha-Dog is often intrigued.

Alpha-Dog starts DJing in 2007, and later creates his very own podcast, named TranceSylvania, featuring the most talented upcoming Trance artists of the moment. TranceSylvania started in 2009 as an experiment, and has become today a podcast broadcasted monthly by web-radios.
After noticing the increasing amount of long DJ sets and podcasts available all over the web, Alpha-Dog decides to create the YouTrance – Uplift Yourself YouTube-based podcast, featuring short-format episodes to allow listeners and Trance passionates to be rapidly updated with the newest tunes of the moment. YTUY is accessible everywhere and guarantees the listener to contain only the best bangers of the moment!

Gig-wise, Alpha-Dog can still be considered an upcoming artist, as few are the live performances as of today: to be mentioned, a liveset at the legendary trance4life @ MAD Club Lausanne (Switzerland), and the gig at the Street Parade 2014 in Zurich on the Aurora Music & HeavensGate Love Mobile alongside superstars Woody van Eyden (NL), Maarten de Jong (NL) adn Mark van Fearix (CH).

The future looks bright for Alpha-Dog, as he recently became an official DJ of the new Aurora Music association (now discontinued), and with several live gigs already planned. Moreover, he has been mixing one of the three Aurora Music podcasts, called Aurora Astral Sparks (AAS), that was presenting monthly the best in Uplifting & Tech-Trance.

Make sure to stay tuned, as you can expect a lot of wonderful new music in the coming years!!

Here below is a selection of the finest Elecronic Music, spanning from Classics, to Trance, to more underground material. Click on the playlists to start enjoying the sound!

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